Tokologo Saltworks Infrastructure Project

The Tokologo Saltworks is a cooperative located in the Soutpan community in the Free State Province. Letsatsi’s main objective was to support local job creation of the cooperative through supporting the infrastructure development of the Tokologo Saltworks.

Letsatsi conducted extensive assessments of the operational site to determine the status and the exact work required to ensure that the saltworks can reach an operational state. The assessments identified various infrastructure needs such a new transformer, repairing existing equipment, lighting, security, renovation of buildings and installation of boreholes for harvesting salt.

After upgrades were completed

Compressors which are a vital part of the overall business have been commissioned with the assistance of the Soutpan Saltworks Manager. To ensure the safety of the equipment, a separate compressor room was built within the existing building to house the compressor equipment. Training has been provided to the cooperative members which has been instrumental in ensuring the cooperative can manage the site effectively. In order to maximize productivity of the site, all four boreholes have been cleaned of existing debris.

The extensive upgrades and security measures provided by Letsatsi have been instrumental in the revival of Tokologo Saltworks.



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