SMME Mentorship & Training

In South Africa the small, medium and micro sized enterprises (SMME) sector is one of the largest contributors to the economy. Often SMMEs struggle to grow due to a lack of business management skills by owner managers which restricts the development of the small businesses over time.

To address the skills gap and provide support for SMMEs Lesedi provided a 6 month mentorship and coaching programme to 15 SMMEs. The project aimed to improve the financial and operational sustainability of the businesses in the programme, to create more employment opportunities and to develop the selected SMMEs into compliant business entities.

Throughout the duration of the 6 month programme the SMMEs selected for the programme were provided with hands on advice and business support by the mentorship team. In addition to the mentorship all SMMEs were taken on a leadership and personal paradigm development course during the programme.

Participants of the SMMEs mentorship and training programme





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